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Work from Home Work For You

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Maximise a $2k home office budget

Got a sweet $2K budget from your new job to deck out your WFH situation?

That's plenty of avocado toast money to make your home office Insta-worthy and functional AF. No need to waste that cash on lame stuff that'll cramp your style. We’ll help you build your dream workspace to crush your #careergoals.

Step away from basic furniture and basic tech. We'll help you splurge on key pieces like a bougie chair, standing desk, and sick multiple monitor setup that'll have your followers miring your grind from the 'gram. Don't forget productivity-boosting subscriptions so you can pump out fire content.

You’ll obviously need the essentials, but let's go next level with dope art, string lights, and greenery that elevate the vibe. Add personalized touches like photos, books, and your fave coffee mug 'cause you'll be spending a lot of time in your new oasis!

Get ready to have the hottest WFH situation that's actually functional. Get ready to maximise every cent of that $2K so you can ball out like a boss. Let's go!

External monitor - $200-300

A larger external monitor will make working on documents and multi-tasking easier.

We recommend:

Ergonomic desk chair - $300-500

A good quality chair with adjustable height, arm rests, and lumbar support will prevent body strain.

We recommend:

Standing desk - $400-600

A standing desk allows switching between sitting and standing to avoid being sedentary.

We recommend:

Webcam - $75-150

A 1080p webcam ensures you look professional on video calls.

We recommend:

Headset - $100-200

A comfortable headset avoids neck strain and background noise on calls.

We recommend:

Crush it! - Making Work From Home Work For You!


Remote employees should review their company's policies and get any required approvals before incurring personal expenses they intend to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement allowances can vary greatly between employers. Follow your company's specific policies around remote work reimbursements to avoid issues.

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