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WFH - Can I get allowances?

Remote work has become increasingly common, with many employees now working from home full-time. While remote work offers many benefits like flexibility and work-life balance, employees who work remotely 100% of the time may require additional support from their employers. Here are some of the allowances and reimbursements remote employees may be entitled to:

1. Internet Reimbursement: With remote work, a reliable, high-speed internet connection is a must-have. Many companies now offer monthly stipends to remote employees to cover a portion of their internet expenses. This helps ensure remote workers have adequate internet access to do their jobs effectively from home.

2. Co-Working Space Allowance: Working from home all the time can present challenges in terms of productivity and separation of work/personal life. Many employers now provide a monthly allowance for remote workers to use towards expenses at a co-working space. This gives employees a professional place to work outside the home.

3. Home Office Furniture: Outfitting a home office can get expensive. Employers sometimes provide remote workers with a budget to purchase ergonomic office furniture and equipment like desks, chairs, monitors etc. This allowance helps create a functional, comfortable home workspace.

4. Technology Allowances: Remote employees often use their own devices like laptops and cell phones to work. An annual or monthly technology allowance can help remote workers purchase new equipment and services. This ensures they have up-to-date, working technology.

5. Travel Reimbursements: While remote workers typically don't commute on a regular basis, they may occasionally need to travel into the office for meetings or events. Companies should reimburse remote employees for any work-related travel like airfare, hotel, rental cars, taxis or mileage.

6. Virtual Team Building Activities: Working remotely can feel isolating at times. Forward-thinking companies provide a budget for remote teams to bond through virtual team building activities. These may include online games, virtual escape rooms, meals delivered to employees' homes, and more.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, employers should ensure they have policies in place to support and equip remote employees. Allowances for internet, home office furnishings, co-working spaces, technology, and travel help remote workers succeed while still maintaining work-life balance. A little extra support goes a long way in keeping remote employees engaged, productive and happy. - Making Work From Home Work For You!


Remote employees should review their company's policies and get any required approvals before incurring personal expenses they intend to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement allowances can vary greatly between employers. Follow your company's specific policies around remote work reimbursements to avoid issues.

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