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Get Paid To Style Your Workspace

Updated: Sep 26, 2023


Working from home has become the new normal for many employees in recent years. While remote work certainly has its perks like flexibility and no commute, it also comes with a few challenges.

One major hurdle can be creating a dedicated, ergonomic, and distraction-free workspace at home. Thankfully, a number of forward-thinking companies are providing generous home office stipends to help employees properly outfit their home offices.

According to, companies like Etsy, Hotjar, Facebook and Google go above and beyond by offering over $1,000 for remote employees to deck out their home workspaces. For example, Etsy provides an impressive $1,700 work from home stipend so employees can make their home offices as functional and comfortable as possible. Hotjar offers a whopping $4,000 to help remote team members create home setups tailored to their individual needs.

Having a properly outfitted home office is hugely beneficial for remote employees. An ideal home workspace minimizes distractions and allows workers to stay organized, focused, and productive. Key elements like a quality desk and ergonomic chair can prevent strains, pains, and injuries while also boosting concentration levels.

Other important investments like monitors, keyboards, webcams, microphones, and lighting create a functional and professional virtual meeting and collaboration space. Noise canceling headphones, plants, artwork, and other personal touches make the home office space comfortable, inspiring, and reflective of the employee's personality and preferences.

Check with your company today to see if you’re able to optimize your home office workspace - and be empowered to do your best work at home! - Making Work From Home Work For You!


Remote employees should review their company's policies and get any required approvals before incurring personal expenses they intend to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement allowances can vary greatly between employers. Follow your company's specific policies around remote work reimbursements to avoid issues.

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Renu Kaur
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